Flexible Bucket


A flexible plumbing bucket for draining under radiators or other tight spaces. This bucket fits everywhere but retains its strength for a long time due to high-quality materials.

The bucket that fits anywhere


The bucket is made of PVC-Tarpaulin, which is a very durable material and thus withstands high stresses during an extended time.


VVS-Hinken går enkelt att anpassa i höjd för de flesta typer av avtappning och trånga utrymmen.

Simple Storage

the vessel is made to be able to be folded efficiently and therefore take up minimal space

1. Foldable

The flexibility of a foldable vessel or bucket not only allows it to fit under all radiators and cramped spaces, but can also be folded and therefore always included in your gear. 

2. PVC - Tarpaulin

This material is extremely durable, scratch-resistant and waterproof. It can be compared to premium tarpaulins, and flexible watertanks that also have high demands on strength.