Spirit level

Spirit level developed specifically for plumbers, made of a strong round aluminium profile with dimension 15mm. Plugs directly into fittings as a backstop.

Light weight

At 37 grams, it makes the spirit level comfortable to carry with you at all times.

Fits in pocket

Small and handy, it fits perfectly in the compartment of the construction bag.

Durable aluminium

The level is made of durable aluminium that makes it virtually impossible to bend
Designed for versatility, it also features a bit holder at one end, allowing it to be used conveniently as a screwdriver.
I must say that the level is awesome! The ones that are 8-10 cm I find so clunky, but the one you've developed is so darn sleek! Great complement to the 30 cm level.
Martin Ohlsson
Plumber at Bravida
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